Rupee symbol- Will India stay unite on this one ?

India has taken pride in its diversity which is more of a forceful compromise with its fate rather a wilful acceptance for the only time India as a whole came up in the maps when it was forced under British regime, else where it was merely a bunch of kingdoms at the best not bothered about each other and at worse, killing and looting among themselves.

This divide features a number of times right from the moment our boundaries were drawn until when constitution was framed.

1. National Song –
‘Vande Mataram’ was the most likely candidate for the national anthem but for the opposition by Muslim community it couldn’t be selected. Muslims have continuously opposed the selection of Vande Mataram and have refused to sing it. The controversy is because of a stanza in the song which compares India with
Ma Durga to bring out the strength in the nation to be united. It is ironical that this stanza which praises India’s unity made it stand divided.
The other controversy which came up against the national song was much later in 2006 when the centre made it mandatory for students all over India to sing the song. Muslims either stayed away from schools or stayed quiet while the song was sung.

2. National Language-
Hindi was a favourite to be selected as the national language for the vast majority spoke and understood the language. However it drew criticism from several quarters most vociferous of them from Tamil Nadu where protests were as extreme as self immolation. One of the Tamil Nadu leaders went on to suggest that Hindi be taken as a national language but be written in Roman script rather the Devanagiri script.
PS: Its interesting that we use Roman script in all our modern communication, be it sms, email, chat or others to write Hindi.

3. National Anthem-
The song was most widely believed to be composed in the honour of George the V-th and was sung for the first time when he came to India. Thus its appropriateness to be selected as the National Anthem was questioned.

In this scenario, it will be interesting to watch how does the national rupee symbol is selected and if it draws flake from any quarter especially when the most likely symbol to be selected is going to be in Devanagiri script.

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