Jan Lokpal, Anna Hazare – my view.

The dilemma to support Anna Hazare or not is, well, a difficult one to resolve to say the least. While the popular voice among friends and society goes in favour of supporting him in his pursuit of Jan Lokpal in an overwhelming proportion, I have certain liberties that most of you don’t enjoy. One of it is not having access to a television. Now before you frown, consider the hype media builds up with an event which may be as nonsense as an elephant getting stuck in a well, or as vital as which salon does our ex President Mr Kalam preferred ( read sarcasm ). Now that credibility of media is at stake because it needs to sensationalise most of the events, resorting to newspapers, which even now presents a commentary rather than a biased point of view, to some extent. Add to that the resources of International print media, articles by supporters as well as cynic and those historical speeches by great visionaries; you just need time and little logical sense to arrive at an informed point of view of any happening. So with all the knowledge I could collect from all the places, I am in a position to take a stand.
I do not support Anna Hazare in his method to achieve Jan Lokpal Bill or the Bill in itself.
Now that my stand would be apparent to the reader, and he is most likely to dismiss this piece of literature as another opinion of a cynic/arm-chair thinker/pseudo-intellectual-who-has- to-be-different-from-the-crowd-just-for-the-heck-of-it, let me point out, I am a fan of certain achievements of Anna! Implementation of Right to Information Act, change of batons from Sharad Pawar led government on grounds of corruption and a few others, has been remarkable and the man deserves accolade and respect for what he has achieved. There is absolutely no rebuttal to the fact that his life has been self less and he could be considered a role model and be treat with reverence, which he has earned through his life.
Now here comes the “but” part! Are we, the middle class, who have responded to the occasion and made it a revolution, justified to hold a democratically elected government to ransom to get a bill drafted into constitution prepared by a few unelected representatives of our interests?
Democracy is a form of government where an elected set of representatives take care of interests of general electorate. Most of the cynics of Lokpal Bill, would say that this bill is a threat to democracy. In my opinion, it is not. There will be a government elected by the electorate, representing their interests. What Anna is demanding is, to make them more accountable and transparent. Blimey, that is a brilliant idea! So what is the problem?
Well, the problem lies in the sheer fact that honesty is not a quantifiable term. While the governments are answerable to the electorate and their protocols and finances could be a measure of their transparency and honesty, the same could not be applied to the Lokpal. Who is going to be the ombudsman and where is the guarantee that he will be morally upright and not another wolf in a sheep’s cloak? Can we not trust any of the more than 500 representatives of a billion plus population but rest all our faith in a group of people who make even the office of Prime Minister and Judiciary accountable, but hold no accountability of their own? Why should we believe that after this current crop of social activists, only those who with selfless heart, will continue to be ombudsman, but not a person with sub interests?
It has been coined as a revolution, we are being asked to put our statuses on facebook to create awareness, ok great, and I did so, so what next? Keep a day of fast! Well, good, I always wanted to cut that fat, so brilliant idea, I will go ahead and keep the fast and will make sure that I tweet/facebook about it, so that others are inspired as well. So, did I join a revolution?
Well, if you wanted to revolt, you could start by hitting the main cause of it.
Where did it all start?
Remember the 2G scam? Who was the culprit? Well, Raja and Rani… oops… Kani are already behind bars, but what about the companies involved? Let’s give up jobs in all the companies that were found guilty, shun their products, make sure our Tata Nano is in flames deliberately, rather than due to engine overheating, to register our protest with Mr. Ratan Tata, stop supporting Mumbai Indians, not because it failed to win the IPL, but to register protest with Mr. Ambani, and for once quit all the jobs they offer. You definitely don’t want their money.
Let’s go a step ahead. Try to understand why else was money paid off?
In the industries where Licence Raj remains, there are still rules that make you take a clearance for installing a weighing machine in the hotel room so that you could check your weight. Only recently, the restaurants were allowed to be at first floors. So the companies in order to get their interests pay off ministries to relax regulations. So next time you walk to a Domino’s on the first floor of a building, understand that someone at some point of history would have paid bribe to a corrupt official.
So, we the middle class people have benefitted the most out of it, the victims are the lower class who continues to be promised, and never be delivered. But I am sure; you wouldn’t have understood yet, why I chose not to support Lokpal and Anna’s fast unto death?
Well, for that let me take you to B R Ambedkar, the man who drafted the constitution. If you do not intend to dismiss him as a pseudo-intellectual and an armchair thinker as well, click here to read his speech.
So, instead of promoting Anna Hazare’s campaign, I have decided to promote a more rationale idea of wearing helmets while driving for road safety through my facebook profile. Hope I can inspire a few as well.


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