Life of a Police man

Having witnessed the deaths of the CRPF cadets against Maoist once and again over the last few months, every person feel for Police force who risk their lives in the line of duty. All of us have vehemently criticised the government for their plight. Also NHRC has suffered our wrath for not representing the CRPF cadets and only cribbing about the injustice done on the dead bodies of Maoists and other terrorists. Rightly so!
Glad we can express these feelings. However this post will give you a couple of instances where our voices have failed us and those unnoticed instances and nuances that have deterred our police once and always.

1. Batla house encounter case-
This can be taken as a classic example when our national politics that has been based on “minority” appeasement and vote bank dynamics ensured many hassles for our Police force. Even though in this encounter a Policeman lost his life there were questions on its legitimacy. It was snubbed as a fake encounter even though the results showed that there were arrests made in Gujarat, Mumbai and other places and NHRC (the national watchdog more interested in noting the mistakes of Police than actually worrying about human rights) gave a clean chit.
However this was not enough for our politicians to accept the genuineness of the encounter for it did not comply with their political “manifesto”. Congress man Digvijay Singh, Samajwadi Party’s Mulayam Singh and Amar Singh were among the few who were concerned about the “fake” encounter incident.
A report by the media can be found here (1), (2) and (3).

2. The Internal Politics –
There was an incident in 2004, where the Special cell police of Delhi Police went to nab the dacoit who was involved in the shooting of Phoolan Devi. The arrest was made in the dacoit homeland of Jahanabad. To the shock of Special cell members, they had to face the apathy of the local police. The Police chief facing the local politics pressure, did not consent to going in for arrest with his force. This made the task dangerously difficult for the special cell members however after they nabbed him, a call was made to the district chief.
To their surprise they were all over the media thanks to the press conference by Jahanabad police who made claims ro share the credit. This only led to the task being made pretty difficult for they had to escape the media and everyone else’s glare for keeping a safe passage to the capitol. A member of the task team recounts to have got a phone call which challenged them to take the convict out of state. Though rest was smooth sailing. (Based on the accounts of a Special cell police member as told to the author in personal capacity).

3. Media’s bigotry account- Media has once and always been a watchdog against the atrocities of the Police, however they fail to present the unbiased point of view from both the sides. Here is a link in which a national news channel showed how couple of police constables hit a mentally challenged person on a railway station. However we have seen in the past that some of the anti-social elements pose as mentally challenged to have a free access to many places and have committed thefts among other crimes. The video doesn’t explain whether it was medically established that the victim was mentally challenged nor does it tells as to what prompted the police to act in the manner they did. (I am not justifying the inhuman beating but a more detailed report is what is expected than just some visuals from an amateur camera).

4. Pay scale and other hazards of the job- A 24×365 job does require sacrifices from the personnels mentally, physically and from the family as well. A member of the special cell recounts the Delhi bombings in 2005 that he had taken leave from duty to be able to celebrate Diwali with family after much complaints from his wife and sons. However he ended up being at the front line of duty for next month or so.
There have been complaints about the pot bellies of policeman. When we face fitness issues we take to the air conditioned gym in our Nike shoes. Does a meagre pay-scale of a policeman allows him such liberties? I personally hold the opinion that a police station should have an accompanying gym to give them an opportunity.

These are only few points that comes to mind at present, however living a policeman’s life would definitely be more complex than this post.

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