Post match analysis of the confusion

The Battle : Most of the Arab world (read Iraq and Iran) remained sceptical about much talked about battle of America and England, however were relieved when they found out that the two countries were pitched against each other. The wiser of the lot attributed this to the British Petroleum oil spills. The flame was only fanned by the talks about US military hero by Clint Dempsey.
Football or Soccer : The American fan who were expecting a match of football as promised by FIFA were surprised to see their team playing soccer instead. Reportedly the players were confused about the same which is why they conceded the goal in first 5 minutes. Then some messenger from the White House passed the message of Mr Obama of kicking ass. The US players luckily got only the kicking part and started kicking everything and anything around.
The Green Effect : Obama was categorical when he said that the Goals must be achieved only by Green means. The Britishers are facing the heat for oil spill (though they insist that BP doesn’t stand for British Petroleum and is only BP). Green somehow inferred that President Obama was referring to him and delivered the goal to the US. For the rest of the match, Terry stayed wary of him and did his best not to let the Goal keeper get his hands on ball.
The Yellow Card : To compensate for the Green Effect, Yellow cards were distributed freely to members of both the teams. However Howard the US goalkeeper insisted that he had successfully compensated for the bad goalkeeping by making a dozen saves and hence was excused. Steven Gerrard received a yellow card in the match and he was confused about it. He tried to explain to the referee that he already had a “Yellow band” (for he is the captain) and hence he wouldn’t need a card. The referee could not understand for he was only trained to know the swear words in English.
Wayne Rooney : He stayed the happiest of the lot for he accomplished what he never did before. He did not receive a yellow card or even fouled.

PS: Though this post is filed under Light moments, the events in the real time gave really tense moments.

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