Bash-less Allegations

This seems a season of allegation, Mamta Banerjee alleging the Left to have a hand in the sabotage, for which the Home ministry and every one around is alleging the Naxals. Indian army has decided to make into the daily news even in peace time and has been on forefront in getting involved in allegations , and of course Lalit Modi has a 10000 page thesis, God knows how many allegations he has put up, or wait he is already an accuse on many counts. The greatest allegation of the season has been on God Himself of having sent Adam and Eve away from heaven due to reasons other than the Apple controversy (No not the one which smacked Windows, the one they ate ). So, celebrating this season, here I am panning out some of my own allegations.

1. Naming my first accused- the famed BCCI for not sending the team to Asian Games.
Unlike most of the people, I have no qualms of losing a medal, it was hard to come by any ways, but what pissed me off is that, now the players will be treated as demigods once they have beaten the poor Kiwis in the home series on super turning tracks. Oh, and one more thing which I will miss is all the gossips that would have followed after the debacle in the asian games. Sad day indeed for media!

Accuse 2- The Ambani Brothers -Why on earth did you have to make up? You made so good headlines, now will have to stick to Ekta Kapoor’s series for the dosage of opulent industrialists and their family row- crying mother, fighting sons and all that. Passing note- Heard that Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi got scraped? Sad day indeed for the media, again.

Accuse 3- Arundhati Roy…hmmm have to be careful, dont want Naxals running around my home looking for my head. Heard recently they looted some nice rifles from CRPF!
Madam Roy, I tried reading your book “God of Small Things” but you have cramped way too many complex character name to be able to enjoy (speaking strictly for myself, don’t give me that booker winner shit)! Got inspiration from Illiad, eh ? No doubt your life is always so complex, you fail to understand the basics, like try this one “Naxals are a threat to everyone! ” Never mind she wont understand, but I shall wait for her new novel “Gandhians with Guns” (All right she alleges the media to have framed the word for her, she never said that.)

*Update — I read the book and its one of the greatest I read but doesn’t change my stand on her.*

Accuse 4- Marcus Tulio Tanaka for injuring the great Didier Drogba.
Sad indeed for football fans !

After so many allegations, the risk stays of being slapped with a law suit as it happened in the case of poor facebook-er, however I am sure that my friends will bail me out.

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