Here is something that makes up for a good conversation …Sagarika Ghose (the proud journalist who coined the term ‘internet Hindus’ ) tweets :
“Kasab gets death. UPA needs to explain why it can fast track kasab but not fast track afzal guru–both accused of waging war on india”
6:25 PM May 6th via web
Has she completely lost knowledge of 8th standard civics ?
Afzal has got death too, he is under a status of mercy plea to the president ! And as death is an irreversible sentence it is necessary for a civilised state to make sure that it is justified and last resort.
It is surprising that miss Ghose is oblivious of the fact or has no distinction between the verdict of sessions court and plea of pardon !
The next tweet she comes up with is this :
“Journalism not about style and posturing but about knowledge,passion and sincerity. young anchors across channels very foolish! ”
6:30 PM May 6th via web
The Wisdom (read wise dumb) !


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