Leisurely Sunday morning and the newspaper.

The morning started pretty late today, and as usual with the Hindustan Times. The front page covered the tragic plane crash at Mangalore and once again I felt aggrieved but having read all the articles and followed the news the whole of yesterday, there could have been nothing new that the newspaper could report.
So as I looked through other articles, I was overjoyed to see the students from Bihar board scoring more than ninety percentage, for they always suffered at the hands of examiners who for some reason never marked them above 90, the highest until the last year was around eighty-five and thus the students would always be at a loss compared to their peers from other boards.
The editorial consisted of a few good articles with the inimitable Khushwant Singh ruling the roost. His article All in a (Hot) Day’s work provided the best possible start to a day, and the humour on Barack Obama and the Queen was all you can ask for to refresh yourself and thus setting a real good mood to read. Having read the articles by Karan Thapar, Vir Sanghvi and the special guest columnist Carla Bruni Sarkozy, all of which were very refreshing, as I moved from one page to the next, I came across the leisure/listings sections (could not find an internet link) which consisted of the Tarot Power predictions by Ma Prem Ritambhra.
That I am enjoying the luxury of free time, I thought of reading this as well (on other occasions I would prefer a gossip column to predictions). My star sign predictions started thus :
“You tend to think negatively and torture yourself endlessly by imagining the worst about major decisions and changes this week.”
I had to read it again to understand its implications, and thus it caught my interest. I was determined to know, how or what instigated such an accusation on my otherwise joyous and positive pattern of living!
Proceeding further, I found out that I would connect with a special friend this week and celebrate privately. This sounded interesting, but still did not make sense. All I am to do this week is stay indoors, away from heat and read. The only time I would go out would be to the gym but then meeting someone and above all celebrating “privately”, is definitely not on my mind. Also it did not explained the first allegation of negative thinking so I was a bit disappointed.
“You can also get in touch with family and parents as you are sentimental and caring”
Don’t know about the qualities but I am at home because it is vacation.
“You can over analyse situations, confuse yourself and miss opportunities”
Ma Ritambhara would chuckle and point out to this article and say “See ! I told you, analysing a tarot card prediction? common get a life! “, to which I had to respond that madam, it is you who got me to analyse this by pointing out that I am to think negatively and torture myself, for me these are as worse as suicidal tendencies.
However Ma Ritambhara, must have decided to give me a respite and went on to say how I can achieve anything I desire to and that I should consider aiming higher. Thank you ma’m. Your encouragement is noted and well appreciated.
The last line again got me to thinking: “Take time out of your busy schedule for some introspection and alone time”– I wondered whether to sacrifice couple of hours out of the 10 hours I sleep or some other time when I am reading some thing or the other which I consider a luxury of long vacation. May be I will sacrifice the reading time (and ‘analysing’ time) I spent on this tarot card prediction.
PS: My lucky colour is creamy white, hoping some one buy me a vanilla ice-cream.

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Austerity Measures ?

Its different for once not to criticize the Indian politicians however this feeling emanates because of one specific reason. Their definition of the term “Austerity” stands completely against the term Austerity measures as defined by the European Politicians. Though the scenario is completely different but it is hilarious to say that those are the Austerity measures adopted by “the government”, when all it is doing is to increase the indirect taxes and cut salaries of the public servants while it bears no cut down in politicians salary.
Now is it going to help is a matter of concern, no doubt the greek commoners are apprehensive about it. They have taken to streets and a great protest is what is to follow. Their actions are because of a logical conclusion that these Austerity measures are only temporary solutions and what it is to bring about is a stagnation of the growth in the country.


Here is something that makes up for a good conversation …Sagarika Ghose (the proud journalist who coined the term ‘internet Hindus’ ) tweets :
“Kasab gets death. UPA needs to explain why it can fast track kasab but not fast track afzal guru–both accused of waging war on india”
6:25 PM May 6th via web
Has she completely lost knowledge of 8th standard civics ?
Afzal has got death too, he is under a status of mercy plea to the president ! And as death is an irreversible sentence it is necessary for a civilised state to make sure that it is justified and last resort.
It is surprising that miss Ghose is oblivious of the fact or has no distinction between the verdict of sessions court and plea of pardon !
The next tweet she comes up with is this :
“Journalism not about style and posturing but about knowledge,passion and sincerity. young anchors across channels very foolish! ”
6:30 PM May 6th via web
The Wisdom (read wise dumb) !