Politically Illiterate

While an average Indian family is getting rich, we young life are happily bearing the direct fruits, sipping cola while digging into the variety of flavoured potato chips offered by the multi national corporations, trying our best to get to the next level in some simulation game or practising hard the best warfare techniques in a huge screen supported by PS3, with a look here and again on our touch screen cell phones, waiting for that invitation to the nearest club or discotheque, thus starting a never ending time of revelry, where the spirits soar high as the spirits flow around, shot after shot, cheers to the life so tinsel and happening, dancing on the tracks remixed and refined, getting into a state of trance to relax, rejuvenate and refresh our selves.

Oh so much for ‘work hard and party harder!’

Lets contrast it to a scene a few years back, had we been to our older generation.

We would be sitting probably with a newspaper in hand trying to get the story that refreshes us, occasionally coming across some story that we are bound to be attracted to, considering the importance been put on that issue with every big wigs and who’s who chipping in their own wise opinions. May be we get a phone call from a friend who decides to come over to your house as there is no great hangout place. May be you go to a common refreshment centre serving desi samosas, where there is a communion of people of all ages, some of who are discussing issues of national importance passionately which may disconcert you for a while and you may laugh off, pointing out the ironical position this man is in, sitting in this poor place discussing policies that affect the nation. But may be in that fleeting moment you would have offered your opinion about the issue.

Is that a good picture or a bad picture ?

I want a life of choices, in which if I can, and I will make the most sophisticated choice I want to. I would like a particular kind of dessert, a butterscotch ice cream, with a coating of chocolate, served in a silver plate in a particular AC restaurant which has probably has a table for two and where the crowd is young. I would like to go to this restaurant dressed in a not so funky t-shirt, which probably has a size of xxl, a bit hanging, round necked, and of course with a brand label that is hip, teemed up with a denim boot legged trousers, with incisions at the some place near knees. The footwear also needs to be very specific. After all you dont prefer to play tennis in a foot wear that is supposed to be conducive for running, so how can you go in this particular restaurant in any footwear, so yes, the footwear alsohas to be specific. Trendy watches, funky sunglasses, all these go without saying.

We google for specifics, ‘I’m feeling lucky’, we shop for specifics, we have a diet of specific nature,we have developed a life of specific order. Where is the existence of those flying by issues that affects our society in this life? Do they find a place in our lists of specifics?

No wonder, many of us do not know our President, or other policy makers, who directly affect our life. No wonder we are voiceless on many issues that unfolds in front of us. No wonder, our expert degrees in a specific field leaves us politically and socially  illiterate. No wonder the Indian middle class go unrepresented.


Story that lies behind Lies

Liar ! Oh, this word had once assumed astronomical proportions when we were young. Every child wanted to be seen in the light of truthfulness.Once who were not found adhering to these parameters, or at least were not found ‘trying’ to adhere to the parameters were automatically labelled as ‘rotten apple’ of the lot. Ah! As the adage goes ‘Rotten apple spoils the lot’, so it were no different. People discovered the benefits of lying. They discovered that speaking truth is angelic but the lies that helps you are your true angels.

Then came the discovery of another kind of lie. The lie that helps you please others. “Oh, Sara, you look lovely today.” “Oh yes you are the most beautiful girl I ever met” and things of those sorts which would never hurt others but please them and may be sometimes help you cheer them up a bit. This was followed by the lies that help you when you please others. “Sir I think you are the best boss in the whole of corporate world”. Seriously dude? The ‘best’ boss? I thought that bosses are only supposed to be classified as variations of bad (worse or worst).

Lies that would help you be the greatest braggart. You could spin tales of your dare-devilry and people can stay amused and amazed. It really may help you earn some dough among your peers. Of course you needed to have enough lies to substantiate your first lie. In passing by, I just wanted to add that I am most likely to be nominated for the Man Booker Prize next year.

Then came the lies that would give hope. “It will get better tomorrow”. Yes for sure, psychic. Why don’t you tell me exactly why do you think so? Naah, better don’t. Reasoning can sometimes spoil a lie. That is where you know that sometimes one lie should stand on its own and too many would probably spoil the taste.

Okay. What about those lies you told to offend someone? “Hey, did you know I am better than you any day? If you don’t believe me ask Sara, that’s what she would tell you ” In all probability if the second person calls up Sara, she will never substantiate your lie, unless she is some obnoxious person. But then you could always say that she may want to be Not Rude to you. “She said that yesterday man, why did you have to be such a big loser to try to hear it again ?”

Lies to win trust, lies to betray, lies to hurt, lies to simply start a conversation, lies to end conversation, lies to the court house, lies to the offenders. Too many lies float around and we still hold the same opinion-“Liar !” with contempt, but that is not at all condescending for it is only condescension, for if you hold a liar in contempt and you lie, you basically have not your thoughts straight or you lie even when you thinking, that is what makes you the greatest liar !

Dietary choice – do you need to justify what you eat?

A very interesting debate has ensued of late, about “vegetarianism”. Its like people will actually form a religion if they are given a leader and stay preaching everyone to “go veg”. It would be very interesting site. Group of people will roam around telling their nomadic stories and will add after each motivational note that they are vegetarian and since they are so active and righteous, obviously that is the right way to live. And hence people who will be awed by their agility will emulate them and hence the clan will grow. There would be a time when people who eat chicken and fish will be considered “un-cool” and ungentlemanly. There would be black tie events held where the menu will range from different dishes of salad to more different dishes of salad. Need for anything like chicken will be replaced by soya and anything like fish by cottage cheese.

This will move a step forward by nations adopting vegetarianism as their state dietary choice and prohibition will be extended to anything made up of animal. Then there would be sanctions on the countries which still consume plenty of non vegetarian food and a new faction of countries will be formed where the sole uniting principle will be to fight against the hypocrisy of vegetarian countries. There would be attack on the black tie parties by radicals holding roasted chicken and fried lambs, the vegetarians would stand against them strongly but ultimately the delicacies would be the winner. After all no one can resist temptation of the palatable and delicious food.

Don’t be so amazed. I am merely rumbling for the frenzied people who have taken the mammoth task of saving the earth (on a side note doesn’t it sound a bit arrogant to be saving the earth while the Earth would be saying “I’ll be al right dear, Save yourself first!”) and getting excited that they have done their bit by giving up eating living beings and munching merely on the natural and green plants, they are bent on changing every one around them !
Good for you Monsieur/mademoiselle that you have changed, and I appreciate your freedom of speech and your good will, but do not keep on ranting in and around me. Thank You.

On a more serious note, what is this spectacle about “Go Veg”? Its my dietary choice that I like non vegetarian food and I would like to stick by it without having to explain to people the reasons or be looked upon as a sinner against the environment. You talk about my health? Hey look at your paunch, at least if I stuff myself with more of protein I can work out more.

But why am I explaining to you, I shall wait until eating animals is made illegal and I am prosecuted for that offence. I shall be happy to represent the millions who go by their taste buds. Till then stay with me.